JsSIP: The JavaScript SIP Library

  • Runs in the browser and Node.js
  • SIP over WebSocket (use real SIP in your web apps)
  • Audio/video calls (WebRTC) and instant messaging
  • Lightweight!
  • 100% pure JavaScript built from the ground up
  • Easy to use and powerful user API
  • Works with OverSIP, Kamailio, Asterisk, OfficeSIP and more (more info)
  • Written by the authors of RFC 7118 and OverSIP

SIP over WebSocket

JsSIP implements the SIP WebSocket transport. Enjoy the real integration of SIP within the Web and communicate with SIP networks out there.

This is pure SIP on the web (no protocol conversion, no limits).


JsSIP makes use of the WebRTC stack present in modern web browsers for enabling audio/video realtime communication.

Zero plugins, zero vendor lock-in. Bye bye Flash and Java Applets!

Easy to use

JsSIP comes with an easy JavaScript API that provides the user with full flexibility over the SIP application running in the web.

Enjoy coding the custom SIP logic for your web application.


JsSIP is licensed under the MIT License. Join our community!