Frequently Asked Questions

What is JsSIP?

JsSIP is a client side pure JavaScript library to build SIP endpoints in Web environments.

What can I do with JsSIP?

You can build a complete SIP user agent in your Web page:

  • Send and/or receive multimedia calls.
  • Send and/or receive text messages.

Can I use JsSIP from any web browser?

See the Interoperability section.

What do I need to run a JsSIP environment?

JsSIP is a SIP WebSocket client. It needs a SIP WebSocket capable server to which connect and exchange SIP messages.

Can I connect a JsSIP client directly to my existing SIP server?

Yes, if it supports SIP over WebSocket. See the Interoperability section.

What if my existing SIP server lacks SIP WebSocket Server capabilities?

You can put an OverSIP SIP WebSocket Proxy in front of your existing SIP server.

  • Your SIP server/registrar must implement Path mechanism (RFC 3327).
  • If not (for example Asterisk which does not support Path), use OverSIP’s OutboundMangling module.

Asterisk rejects REGISTER from JsSIP

Asterisk does not like a SIP REGISTER whose Contact header contains an URI with “xxxxx.invalid” domain (see the related issue). If you use Asterisk as registrar enable the UA configuration option hack_ip_in_contact.